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Chart Filter

This record of this object represents an individual filter of a dataset.

An individual Chart Dataset record can have zero or multiple Chart Filter records. This object works independently of the Fields section in the Chart Dataset layout. The Chart Filter records are related to the Custom Filters Logic field in the dataset.

API Name: Chart_Filter__c


NameNameTextThe name of the Chart Filter record.

For best practices, name your filters as numbers e.g. 1, 2, etc.

Use this field to identify a filter in the Custom Filters Logic field of the related Dataset.
FieldField__cTextThis should contain the API name of a field present in the related Dataset’s Source Object.

For example: If the related Dataset of the Filter has ‘Account‘ in the Source Object field, then this field can contain the API name of any of the Account object’s fields.
OperatorOperator__cPicklistA list of comparison operators to choose from.

OptionsCompatible Field Type
Equals – All
Not Equals – All
Less Than – Number
Lesser or Equal – Number
Greater Than – Number
Greater or Equal – Number
Contains – Text
Does Not Contain – Text
ValueValue__cTextThe value for the respective field.

Text value must be enclosed with single quotes (”).

Decimal numbers must use Dot (.) as a decimal point.

Date Format: YYYY-MM-DD
DateTime Format: YYYY-MM-DDThh:mm:ssZ
DatasetDataset__cMaster-DetailThe lookup to Chart Dataset object. It represents the relationship between a dataset and a filter.
Source_Object__cSource_Object__cFormula(Hidden) The value of the Source Object field in the related Dataset.

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