Salesforce Chart Composer Documentation

Salesforce Chart Composer: Getting Started

Disclaimer: The package “Salesforce Chart Composer” and this blog “Salesforce Guides” are both initiatives of Talha Saqib. This blog post will serve as the official documentation of the product. What is Salesforce Chart Composer? Salesforce Chart Composer is an unmanaged package to create various kinds of charts using Salesforce records. The product is suitable for […]

find Salesforce org type via Apex Code Apex

How to find Salesforce org type via Apex code?

If we think about it, it’s an interesting problem; To find Salesforce org type via Apex code. There can be numerous use cases where one might need to identify the type of org he is in. Perhaps, there are certain lines of code that should only be executed if those are on a Developer org […]

delete project in DevOps Center DevOps

How to delete a project in DevOps Center Salesforce?

For quite some time, Salesforce didn’t have an efficient way to allow its users to deploy metadata to different orgs. Yes, we have Change Sets but we have had them now for a long time and things haven’t changed a lot for Change Sets (no pun intended). They do the work but there is a […]

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