Salesforce Chart Composer: Chart | Object Reference Guide


This record of this object represents an individual chart.

It is the first record that needs to be created to create a chart using Salesforce Chart Composer.

API Name: Chart__c

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TitleNameTextThe title of the chart that will be displayed on the component.
Chart IdChart_Id__cAuto NumberThe identified of the Chart. This ID is used to render the Chart using chartComponent on Lightning Page Builder
Relationship FieldRelationship_Field__cText(Optional) To make a chart dynamically related to a record, this field should contain the lookup field API name of the record object.

For example: If Chart Dateset has the Source Object field as ‘Opportunity’ and this field is ‘AccountId’, then if this chart is placed on the Account record page, the chart would dynamically filter the opportunities based on the account.

Related Object(s)

Following is the related object of the Chart object.

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